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it's worse than that, it's physics, Jim
4 December 1970
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Paraoptomistic: that's me. I am a (bored) certified paraoptometric, wife, daughter, mother of four mostly wonderful children.
Parahubby: my husband. At work, I refer to him as "my bozo" from the episode of "Home Improvement" where they go to Jill's high school reunion and she calls her husband "my bozo Tim" to her Spanish teacher. Parahubby is disabled; he has more diagnoseseses than you can shake a stick at. Right now I think the main ones are Bipolar II, PTSD, and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) which causes seizures. He has returned to college for a teaching degree and is majoring in Special Ed.
Abby: "Dabba Doo" or "Brat". 13 years old, tall, musically talented (percussion and piano), sweet and utterly exasperating. Majorly boy-crazy.
Ronnie: "Ronnie the Kid". 11 years old, short for his age, musically talented (guitar, bass, percussion, tuba) and academically gifted as well, but man what a temper. Takes things apart.
Laura Mae: "Maisy Daisy". 8 years old, blonde and blue eyed, looks like an angel. Excellent reader. Quiet and sweet until crossed and then TAKE COVER!
Kenny: "Kenny the Pooh", PopPop's Kenworth. 6 years old, sweet and very smart, drove his kindergarten teacher to drink until we found out that he has ADHD and got him meds.

Feline friends:

Sasha: 12 year old Siamese rescued from the animal shelter. Previous owners dumped her there because she "didn't fit in with their lifestyle." Grr. Very loving, but cowardly.
The Wraith: Was one of the kittens from a former cat we had. Long cream colored fur, brown ears, mask, tail, and feet. VERY AFFECTIONATE

TBA: New Dog (Ronon??)